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1. Ostaria Antico Dolo

590 reviews
Ostaria Antico Dolo
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Address: Ruga Rialto, 778, 30175 Venezia VE, Italy

Schedule: Open until 12:00 AM

Telephone: +39 041 522 6546

Guy: Restaurant

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We help you choose dinners and cotillion New Year s Eve on Venice

One of the most wonderful cities in all of Italy, attractive for its canals and carnivals is Venice. If you are looking for dinners and cotillion New Year s Eve on Venice, enjoy our extensive and specialized content at!
Despite being a city with very few inhabitants, there are many who choose it every year to visit it for its history and its emblematic square, the Plaza de San Marcos where the Rialto Bridge is. The romantic city remains unchanged over time and is known as the "queen of the Adriatic", the "Serenissima" or the "city of canals". If you like architecture you can visit the Ducal Palace or the Bridge of Sighs. This page is made up of a group of young friends who live here and with a lot of initiative, wanting to show everything around us, even the little corners of Venice. Follow us and in case of any doubt write to us so we can help you in detail.
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